Fishing Pack Trips


It’s been too long since you’ve felt the rush. Since you’ve felt the sun’s rising rays on your face. The morning’s breeze rippling across what were cool, still waters only moments ago. Since you’ve felt the weight of a fish tugging at the taut line in your hands. But soon all of that will change.

Our fly fishing pack trips make for a unique fishing vacation, that allow you to pack into some of the most exclusive streams and lakes in Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. Meals and tents are included, and you’ll be able to choose where you’d like to fish each day and how you’d like to get there: by hiking or horseback riding.


  • Camp is furnished with tents, stoves, cots and a cook tent.
  • A full time cook is employed, preparing a large breakfast and dinner every day.
  • Lunches are packed and eaten out in the field each day.
  • Anglers can choose to hike or ride horses to wherever they wish to fish each day.


  • $400 per day per person (doesn’t include alcohol)