Guided Hunting in Wyoming, Idaho & Utah


We offer a variety of big game hunting trips to serve a variety of hunters.

A sparrow catches your eye. You trace its path, watching it hop blithely from rock to rock. Just as it’s about to pluck a grasshopper from the underbrush, a twig snaps in the distance. Your eyes dart towards the sound. It’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Planning for. Hoping for. You steady yourself and quietly raise your weapon. You blink. You aim. You exhale.

Wild Man Adventures is a premier big game hunting guide and outfitter in Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah, offering a variety of outdoor adventure excursions. The week you spend big game hunting with us is sure to be one you’ll remember for a lifetime. In fact, many of our clients enjoy their Wild Man experiences so much we consider them part of the Wild Man family, coming back to hunt with us year after year. Whether you prefer horseback or ranch hunting, Wild Man Adventures has an adventure for you.

Big Game Hunting


From fully guided experiences to a more hands-off approach, 

Wild Man Adventures has the horseback hunting trip for you. Choose your time of year, your animal, and your weapon of choice. We’ll be here to make it happen.


Our ranch hunting trips offer the exclusivity and exceptional hunting experiences you crave.

You’re guaranteed to love your Wild Man ranch hunting experience with two of Wyoming’s greatest ranches as your stunning backdrop for it all. Offering hunts on both the Snake River Ranch in Jackson, WY and The Quien Sabe Ranch in Shoshoni, WY.

Big Game Hunting