Horseback Trail Rides


A few peaceful hours have passed in the summer sun, twigs and Cottonwood leaves crunching beneath your Palomino’s hooves. And while you’ve enjoyed every moment so far, you can’t help but anticipate what comes next: eating a warm meal, grabbing a cold beer, and joining your companions around the campfire.

You squint towards the horizon, sunlight fading over a jagged ridge. You spot ivory canvas lilting in the warm breeze. Towering pines give way to a clearing. You’ve arrived at your campsite: your home for the next four days. Now the real adventure begins.

Trail Ride Details

  • $60/hour
  • $200 for half day
  • $400 full day – Includes lunch


  • Guided horseback rides through some of Wyoming’s most beautiful trails.
  • Rides available in different locations throughout Star Valley.
  • Breakfast or Dinner options available for additional cost.